The Matric CK or Compact Kit has an RPi compatible header that works with the NanoPi family.


Here is a Matrix-CK on a NanoPi2. Note the protective sheet on the 1 inch TFT display.



The kit includes:

Compass  [2 on location diagram]

Pot that can be used as a volume control or brightness, or whatever you need. [5]

3 Push Buttons  [3]

4 LEDs  [4]

8 bit ADC connected to IIC (or I2C)  [6]

Piezo Buzzer  [5]

TFT Display 190x60 and 0.96 inches  [1]

4 pin header for IIC / I2C  [8]

4 pin header for UART   [9]

A double row power header: 3 pins 3V3 and 3 pins GND   [10]

Temperature transducer   [11]

Infra Red receiver   [12]

10 pin by 3 pin header with:  [13]

     3 Analog I/O

     7 Digital I/O  (2 can be PWM and 4 can be configured as SPI) 




Check the Wiki for more details and example code and applications.

Below you can see a bit of the Debian Jessie desktop from a NanoPi2 displayed on the 190x60 display.



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Matrix Compact Kit