About ARMWorks

ARMWorks was formed in 2008. The mission statement was to provide hobbyists, professionals, and those we call the Pro-Am or experimental enthusiast, with high performance low-cost computing platforms built around the ARM processor families. The company is based on a business plan from 1998 called "ARMWorld" inspired by the Z-World modules for embedded computing and some very good experiences in using them. In an interview with Z-World/Rabbit Semiconductor a year earlier, Mr. Springer was told that Z-World had no interest in the ARM family and he started the ARMWorld business plan.

Initially aimed at simple boards and break-outs for hard to use parts, we quickly discovered the amazing boards by FriendlyARM of Guangzhou, China. FriendlyARM had begun business only a year earlier and the initial design, the QQ2440, and then the Mini2440 became the Raspberry Pi of China. They were incredibly popular. The very versatile Samsung 400 MHz ARM9 board with fors 64M of RAM quickly evolved to 128, 256, then 512MB of RAM, Linux, and a 3.5" touch LCD that mounted on the Mini2440 10x10cm PCB for how much? Incredible! Dr. Bao was able to contact FriendlyARM directly. And as they say about clam digging, our shovels met in the mud and love was born.

We continue with the FriendlyARM family of products and designs specifically produced for ARMWorks. The majority of our business is from OEM customers who buy systems in large quantities on a regular basis. But we really appreciate the student, beginner, or experimenter and this web site is meant to give them and easy way to see and purchase the products and is ever expanding to give them as much support as possible. We are very interested in computer science and instrumentation R&D as well as embedded applications in general.

ARMWorks is in Gig Harbor, Washington which is about 20 miles Southwest of Seattle - by ferry or bridge. The company is owned by:

Physicist C. Towne Springer

Prof. of Computer Science, Dr. Forrest Sheng Bao.

EE and owner of FriendlyARM, Mr. Yang

Day to day business is managed by Mr. Springer, who likes to answer the phones. If you call and get "ARMWorks, this is Charlie", that is he.


4837 55th St NW

Gig Harbor, WA 98335