The CAM500A module uses Omni Vision's QSXGA CMOS OV5640 module.  It has PVP parallel output interface and supports up to 2592 x 1944 photographing and 720P@30fps video recording.  It has automatic image control functions: AFC, AWB and AEC etc.

The CAM500A uses a cellphone camera.  This camera's focal length is 2.7mm.  Its aperture is 2.8.  Its viewing angle is 66 degrees.  The whole module's dimension is 33.7 x 25 mm.  It is powered by 3.3V and connects via a 24 PIN FPC cable.


The CAM500A comes with BOTH CON2424A and CON2424B connectors.

  • CON2024A used to connect the module to a 2.0mm sspacing double pitch 20PIN camera interface
  • CON2024A used to connect the module to a 2.54mm spacing double pitch 20PIN camera interface
  • If an ARM board (i.e. NanoPi, NanoPi2) has a 24PIN camera interface, CAM500A can be directly connected to it.



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