Mini210-W50 ARM A8 Cortex 1GHz  512 MBytes RAM, 1 GBytes NAND SBC board with 5" LCD 

LIMITED EDITION, $79.95 (Regular price $149.95)................

This is a superior, complex SBC board that had a low yield in manufacture and was replaced by the Mini210S.  Includes 800x480 resistive touch LCD.

The Mini210 1GHz A8 Cortex with maximum I/O. Samsung S5PV210 with video and sound encoding and decoding - CSI/MIPI interface. Can encode 1080P in real-time. 512M RAM 1G NAND.  This is the OEM version and does NOT include Accessories.  See below for link to Accessories.

Mini210 - The on-board SDWiFi eliminates the need to use a USB port for WiFi. A mini HDMI connector and included cable let you use new displays and digital TVs. The latest Superboot will program the board from TF/SD cards and supports booting from NAND or MMC. The system can be updated or reprogrammed in the field from a TF card. Ships with Android 2.3.

The graphics engine is called a PowerVR SGX540 and accelerates and smoothes 2D/3D graphics. It can decode 1080P at 30 frames per second from MPEG4, H.263, H.264, and others. Even more dramatic, it can encode Mpeg-2/VC1 video input at 1080P and 30fps! The 512M of RAM is 32 bits in a dual channel arrangement. GPIO has all the usual suspects, AD input, interrupt pins, I2S, I2C, SPI, PWM and other input/output. And of course there is the 25 MByte PDF (20,000 downloads a  month! Do you really need it?)

The S5PV210 is a 32 bit ARM A8-Cortex processor with an integrated graphics engine that supports 3-D graphics and 1080P video playback. The audio can directly drive an 8 watt speaker. The USB host is 2.0 and the dual camera ports are based on the desire for front and rear cameras in tablets and phones and open the possibility for stereo vision applications. Yes.

The Mini210 supports low power modes that will make it possible to use in battery powered systems. The on-board WiFi has a high quality ceramic antenna and the Ethernet with RJ45 interface is 10/100M adaptive and uses the same DM9000 found on the Mini2440 and Mini6410. Speaking of Mini2440 and Mini6410, the same LCDs will work on the Mini210. There is also composite video output and an IR receiver for remote control without any RF. 


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