Rack Mountable 16 channel PoE fixture. 16 Cat5 Ethernet in and 16 Ethernet plus power out.

POEP16 Passive PoE injector. 19" rack mountable. This injector will handle 16 Cat5 cables in and 16 out, adding power to the unused 2 pairs of wires on the powered side. Run your Ethenet in one side and on the other side you have your Ethernet plus Power over Ethernet. Use 48V standard power or any DIY voltage. We like 24 or 12 depending on application. The most common application is IP security cameras with power for the camera AND the pant/tilt/zoom functions, with the digital video and power all on one calbe, and with voltages below those required for wiring code inspection. You can also power a microprocessor, Apple AirPort, remote Wifi or micro with GPRS, etc.. MuRata has a 3 pin TO-220 style DC/DC converter that takes up to 37 volts and produces 3.3 or 5 volts at high efficiancy -- perfect for DIY PoE applications. There is a barrel jack for power and a grounding lug. These RJ45 sockets do not have grounded wings for shielded Cat5. Pictured here with 32 Cat5 cables - not included. Heavy guage construction, weighs nearly 2 pounds. Power supply not included.


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PoEP16 Power over Cat5 Ethernet 16 Channel Injector.

  • Product Code: PoE16P