The Matrix Starter Kit is a set of the most popular members of the Matrix "break-outs" and add-on sensors and drivers at a bargain price and in a convenient storage box. Full Open Source support on NanoPi and other processor boards. Demos, blogs, and Wiki.

Included: 3 Push Button, 3 LED, 1 Temperature Sensor, 1 Ultrasonic Ranger, 1 Sound Sensor (Microphone), 1 A/D Converter, 1 Temperature and Humidity, 1 Relay, 1 Piezo Buzzer, 1 3-Axis Accelerometer, 1 3-Axis Compass, 1 Joystick, 1 IIC LCD1602 character display.

How do you use more than one sensor at a time? Like this! -- NanoPi Not Included!

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Matrix Starter Kit

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