Tiny 2451 256MB Core Board with 400 MHz Samsung S3C2451 ARM9 processor.


The Tiny2451 is a Samsung ARM9 S3C2451 based on the main processor of high-performance low-power embedded core board, by the Guangzhou friendly arm design, production and distribution sales.  S3C2451 based on ARM926EJ architecture core design, running the highest frequency up to 533Mhz, compared to S3C2440, it can support SD boot, MiniUSB 2.0, and can support the use of DDR2 memory, with more IO port and other excellent features.

The Tiny2451 core board uses a common 2.0mm pitch double pin, leads to most of the CPU commonly used functional pin.  Pin definition can be compatible with Tiny2416 / Tiny6410 / Tiny210, so they can share the same floor.  The Tiny2451 comes standard with 128M and 256M Flash (SLC) and is available with 1GB Flash (SLC).  Tiny2451 is not intended to design their own CPU board developers to quickly use the second development, is very easy for small and medium enterprises to quickly market.

The TinySDK is a general development reference floor, can support Tiny2416 / Tiny2451 / Tiny6410 / Tiny210 series core board.  It mainly helps developers to use this as a reference for core board functional verification and expansion of development.  The bottom plate has three different LCD interfaces (support front-line touch, and I2C capacitive touch) for different sizes of LCD mounting and fixed; with 100 / 10M adaptive standard network interface, standard DB9 five-wire serial port x2, MiniUSB 2.0 Interface, USB Host x4, 3.5mm audio input and output ports, pop-up SD deck and other common interface; also leads to 4 TTL serial port, SDIO2 interface (can be used SD WiFi), CMOS Camera interface (Tiny2416 not supported) interface , The extra GPIO port, etc .; in the board there are buzzer, I2C-EEPROM, backup battery, AD adjustable resistance, four interrupt-type keys and other resources.

OS can be installed from an SD card using the built in Superboot.  No need to devote a PC to programing boards.


Tiny2451 core board hardware resource characteristics 

CPU processor

• CPU: Samsung S3C2451, based on ARM926EJ, running frequency 400Mhz, up to 533Mhz

 DDR2 RAM memory

• 128M DDR2 RAM, 16bit data bus

FLASH storage

• Standard 256M SLC NAND Flash

• Optional 1GB SLC NAND Flash

Interface resources

• 2 x 60 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector

• 2 x 30 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector

On board resources

• 4 x User Leds (Green)

• 10 pin 2.0mm space Jtag connector

• Reset button on board

• Supply Voltage from 2V to 6V

PCB size

• 6-layer high-density circuit boards, the use of immersion gold production process

• 64 x 50 x 12 (mm)

Operating system support

• Superboot-2451

• Linux-3.6 + Qtopia2 / QtE-4.8.5

• WindowsCE 6.0

• Bare metal tutorial

• UCos2



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Tiny2451 256MB, ARM9 Core Module

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