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1-bay NAS Kit



Acrylic Case for NanoPC-T4

Clear Acrylic Case for NanoPC-T4(Also fits NanoPC-T3 Plus) NanoPC-T4 Board not includedNote: NanoPC-..





NanoHAT Proto



NanoPC-Case for NanoPC T2/T3

Clear Acrylic Case for NanoPC-T2/T3..


Raspberry Pi 3 Case

Clear Acrylic Case for Raspberry PiAlso fits the FriendlyElec NanoPi K2 and the Mini Shield for..



T-Cobbler40 for Pi.  Works with all FriendlyElec's Pi boards that have a 40-Pin header.  I..


BreadShield Kit

BreadShield Kit Version v0.4  Choose USPS First Class for Free Shipping!BreadShield is a s..


Heat Sink

Heat Sink for NanoPi2, NanoPi2-Fire, NanoPi M1/M2.  Aluminum Heat Sinkwith 3M thermal past..


Heat Sink-T2/T3/T3-Plus

Heat Sink for NanoPC-T2/T3/T3-Plus.  Low Profile Aluminum Alloy Heat Sink with thermal pas..



NanoAT Arduino Nano Compatible ATMega128P Version 3.0    Atmel Atmega328P-AU MCU with..


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