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Phone number change: For reasons beyond the ken of mere mortals, our cable company can not transfer our phone number to the new location! Please use our algorithmically allotted number 253 514-8130 to reach a cheerful employee. EMail is

ARMWorks has ceased web site retail sales. The shopping cart is disabled until we figure a better way to display. The web site will stay up without a shopping cart as a product information source for OEM customers. Our retail inventory is going to Amazon for Prime Fulfillment and the links will be on the product pages. Our business model is changing to work with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufactures) who buy in volume or need customized systems, with shipping direct from FriendlyELEC in Guangzhou.

Allwinner H5 is EOL. Designs that use the Allwinner 64-bit H5 Quad Core SoC (ARM cortex-A53) are discontinued due to Allwinner ceasing manufacture of the H5. The affected systems include NanoPi NEO Plus2 V2.0, NEO Core2, NanoPi K1Plus, and NanoPi NEO2. New version of these boards are in design and test with the Rockchip RK3328, which has the same ARM cores and matching IP for the various I/O and video processing. The new versions are (nearly) pin-for-pin compatible. The RK3328 based NanoPi R2S is already in production and selling very well.

OEMs can request Bulk Packaging

OEM or Bulk Packaging saves space, time, and money - which is what runs the Universe. For example, 100 NanoPi NEO can fit a small box. Here is an example with Smart210 Modules.

NanoPi M4 with NVME SSD

Here is the fantastic NanoPi M4 with its special heat sink and the NVME Hat and an M.2 SSD. The hat has mounting holes for the M4 WiFi antennas for mounting without a housing. The heat sink has standard 1/4-20 threaded holes that fit photo tripods and standard optical tables as shown. A simple threaded spacer is used in this case.

We are working with the NanoPi M4 NVMe SSD Adapter and the CNC case. Here is the adapter in action. It has the proper holes for the two WiFi antennas as well in order to make a complete working system.

What a cool combination, and easy to work with during development. This is an M4 with 2G RAM and 256GB SSD. The whole thing is only 3.5 inches or 9cm long. It can be used like this, or dropped directly into the CNC case.

NanoPi M4V2 Metal Case Combo

NanoPi M4V2 4GB with CNC Metal Case w/Cooling Fan, NVMe SSD Adapter, & Antenna

New NanoPi R1S.

Tiny Computer & Router.  Allwinner H3 Quad-core A7 SoC, Dual Gbps Ethernet, in pocket To-Go, OpenWrt 18.06.  Fully Assembled.

5inch LCD Display with Capacitive Touch (W500)

800 x 480 resolution, backlight adjustable via 12C, works with FriendlyELEC's 210, 4412, 4418 and 6818 based boards under Android and Linux.  Open source driver, 24-bit RGB interface.

SmartMini - OEM Direct replacement for Mini2440 and Mini2451 Coming soon!....Contact us for Pre-Orders.


Replacement for Mini2440 and Mini2451.  Special Edition V1.0 1906 Carrier board with a Cortex-A8 embedded processing board that uses the Samsung S5PV210 System On Chip (SOC).  OS Android, Linux and WinCE6.

Compare: SmartMini vs. Mini2451 (SmartMini on bottom, Mini2451 on top)

3.5" LCD's directly mount on the PCB and Displays up to 7" are easily handled

SOM-RK3399 Development Kit

Rockchip 64-bit hexa-core RK3399

 11.6inch eDP FHD LCD Display with Capacitive Touch for NanoPC-T4

BreadShield Kit


BreadShield maps Arduino Uno pins to solderless breadboards without jumper wires. It plugs into both, firmly bridging them together mechanically and electrically.  This solder-yourself kit Includes a FREE Solderless Breadboard and FREE USPS First Class Shipping!  See the discount 3-Pack!

NanoPi NEO Core Complete Starter Kit $44.99

We have a nice inventory now of the NanoPi NEO Core starter kits. This is a very slick collection with the NEO Core carrier board for development and the very small NEO Core.

The kit includes a NEO Core with Allwinner H3, heat sink, Mini-Shield carrier that has connectors for USB and Ethernet and all that plus a socket for the short versions of M.2 SSD's. Ubuntu and FriendlyCore images are a simple download form the Wiki.

1-bay NAS Kit

Build your own NAS storage! 

NEW! HD702e eDP LCD for the NanoPC-T4 Board


Mini2440/2451/6410 Replacement 

"My Mini2440, Mini2451, or Mini6410 has been declared end-of-life and there are no inventories anywhere! What do I do now?"

Do you use the Mini2440? For alternatives, your lowest risk AND least amount of work is to migrate to our long term support Mini210S-BE. Your Mini2440/2451 are ARM9 architecture. Your Mini6410 is ARM11. The Mini210 is ARM A8 Cortex - faster better cooler. The Mini210S will run the same version of the WinCE5/6 or Linux OS and drive all our LCD's. Your code needs to be recompiled and any I/O checked to see if you need changes, and we can help with this.

The Mini210S is 100x100mm and compares to the other boards like this. Here is Mini2440 versus Mini210S-BE on bottom.


Here is the Mini2451 on top.



Check the Mini210S-BE pages