S5P4418 Datasheet12.59MB Download
NanoPC-T2 Schematic Rev. 1601B359.01KB Download

When stock runs out, please order nanoPi-T2 direct from FriendlyARM. Try China Post for low cost and reasonable speed.

Quad core Cortex A9 single board computer with Samsung Quad Core Cortex-A9 S5P4418 SoC@1.4GHz.  Note: Heat sink included.

The nanoPC-T2 Quad Core Cortex A9 SBC uses Samsung's Multi-media S5P4418 running at 1.4GHz. The T2 does not require an SD card to run the best OS's. It has 8GB of eMMC Flash on board and 1GB of RAM. Built in WiFi and Bluetooth with 1GByte Ethernet rounds out the exceptional performance envelope of the NanoPC-T2. The power management control is augmented by heat sink mounting holes that allow using a quality large heat sink to insure smooth operation under heavy work loads.

But  why is the NanoPC-T2 more expensive than the NanoPi-M2? DOn't they use the same chip? Yes they do, and aside from the NanoPC-T2 being bigger meaner and having a cool case, the -T2 has WiFi/BT with external antenna connector and 8GBytes of eMMC on board. The eMMC means you don't need an SD card, and it is faster. The SD cards are connected by a dual serial line but the eMMC chip uses 4 serial iines and a faster clock. And 8GBytes will easily hold Android or Debian with loads of application code and data!

Note the white 4 pin socket near the power switch. This has Tx Rx +5 and GND for powering the T2 from an alternate source. In development this is the socket for the PSU-ONECOM that supplies 5V at 2A and has an RS232 converter.

NanoPC-T2 Mounting


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