Developing on the NanoPi M2 is a breeze with these accessories. Kit includes a NanoPi M2A and a standard heat sink. A PSU-ONECOM RS232 converter that has a power input barrel jack that can supply power to the NanoPi M2A as an alternative (or adding to) USB power. A handy short serial cable, an Ethernet cable, and a USB cable. Plus an 8 or 16 GB MicroSD with Debian Jessie installed. We also include mounting hardware to use if you 3D print the housing files. The PSU is our standard 2A 5V PSU and it fits the jack on the PSU-ONECOM.

Kit Contents:

NanoPi M2A Samsung Cortex-A9 S5P4418, 400Mhz~1.4GHz 

PSU-ONECOM RS232 DB9 converter with a power input

Serial cable

Ethernet cable

USB cable.

MicroSD with Debian Jessie installed - 8 or 16GB depending on stock.

3mm Hardware for housing files.

(Note: Heat sink is included with NanoPi M2A)

(Note: For improved heat protection, order the powered HeatSink-M3  $5.99)

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NanoPi M2-ACCKit

  • Brand: ARMWorks
  • Product Code: NanoPi-M2ACCKit