Smart4418SDK-X710 - Smart4418 Combo with 7" Capacitive Touch LCD

Smart4418 quad core Cortex A9 CPU board combined with the Smart4418 SDK carrier board with X710 Capacitive Touch LCD.  MiniPCIe interface for 3G/4G modules, SATA interface, WiFi & Bluetooth with on-board chip antenna + external antenna connector, LVDS and RGB LCD interfaces, DVP camera interface,  RPi compatible GPIO pin headers, and GBit Ethernet.

The X710 LCD is our medium resolution 1024x600 7 inch display. See combos with our high resolution 1280x800 HD702 and our robust resistive touch 800x480 A70i.


The Smart4418SDK uses a 12V power supply. Why you ask? So that it can power a hard drive or SSD on the SATA connector!   






Smart4418 1512 Schematic :     Smart4418-1512-Schematic.pdf

Smart4418 1608 Schematic:      Smart4418-1608-Schematic.pdf

Smart4418 1512 Dimension:     dimension (Smart4418-1512-Dimension(dxf).zip)

Smart4418 1608 Dimension:     dimension (Smart4418-1608-Dimension(dxf).zip)




Includes 12V 2A Power Supply, MicroUSB Cable, Serial Cable.

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