The Tiny6410-OEM is a "stamp" module containing the S3C6410 and Ram and Flash memory. The hardware SDK board contains a USB hub and 3 USB sockets and additional RS232 converters for 3 DB9 connectors. See the SDK pages for details. Standard memory configuration is 256 MBytes of RAM and 1 GByte of NAND Flash.  533 MHz processor clock. Please see the pictures at the bottom of page for the current version of Tiny6410-SDK and one with Cable Kit components attached. There are now 3 DB9 and 3 USB Host to make room for the SDWifi and SCON headers and mounting holes.

Download Tiny6410 Hardware Spec.

Tiny6410 Core Schematic

Tiny6410-SDK70 Developer's System for Tiny6410 with Innolux 7" (S70) 800x480 LCD and replaceable touch pad. 256M RAM  1G NAND  $125.95 


Tiny6410-SDK43 Developer's Kit with Sharp 480x282 touch screen LCD.  256M RAM  1G NAND  $125.95



Tiny6410-SDK     Developer's System for Tiny6410


Tiny6410-OEM     S3C6410 "Stamp" module with RAM and NAND.  256M RAM, 1G NAND $66.95