The Tiny6410 Core board (Stamp Module) features an ARM11 chip (Smsung S3C6410) as the main core processor embedded board, based on the ARM1176-JZF-S CPU core design.  Features internal integration of a powerful multimedia processing unit, support for Mpeg4, H.264/H.263, etc.  Video file format hardware codec, LCD/TV outputs, 3D grphics hardware accelerator to achieve OpenGL ES 1.1 & 2.0-accelerated rendering, and it also suports 2D grphic images, smooth scling, flip, etc. operation.

Tiny6410 S3C6410 Core board with 256M RAM & 256 NAND   Tiny6410(1G) S3C6410 Core Board with 256M RAM & 1G NAND

Download Tiny6410 Hardware Spec.

Tiny6410 Core Schematic


Tiny6410SDK Developer's System for Tiny6410

Tiny6410SDK Developers SDK with three LCD interface, 4-wire resistive touch screen interface, 100M standard network interface, standard five-wire serial DB9, Mini USB 2.0 interaces, USB Host 1.1,3.5mm audio input and output ports, standard TV-OUT interface, SD deck, etc.  Commonly used interfaces; also leads 4-way TTL serial port, the other one-way TV-OUT, SDI02 interface (which can be accessed SD WiFi) interface; the board buzzer, I2C-EEPROM, a backup battery, AD adjustable resistance, 8 interrupt buttons and the like.



 Tiny6410SDK-43 Tiny6410SDK Developer's Kit with 4.3" Resistive Touch LCD (480x282).



Tiny6410SDK-S70 Tiny6410SDK Developer's System for Tiny6410 with 7" Resistive Touch S70 LCD (800x480).