Tiny210 with 7" LCD and Capacitive Touch. The bezel has the Android home button, which you really need for Android use. This is a great combination. The touch is smooth as silk and like a quality Android tablet. Use all the usual software, Linux and Qtopia, or Android 2 or 4. The S700 Capacitive Touch has a built in speaker which connects to the audio amplifier of the Tiny210SDK (or a Mini210S). Gesture recognition? You bet!  Contact ARMWorks for OEM versions and quantity pricing.


ARM A8 Cortex 1 GHz 512M RAM 2G NAND Socket for optional WiFi Card HDMI output.

Here we added the SDIO WiFi option and are browsing some random web site.

1-9 $184.95
10-24 $183.00
25-49 $181.50
50+ $180.00