New improved Gstar GS-87 SiRF III GPS kit: Yes! The GS-87 module is on a breakout board with a connector for a Mini2440 style COM cable. Now you can (almost) hook it up and go. The connector is Gnd, 5v, Rx, Tx. Oddly, this is the same as COM ports on the Mini/Micro2440 and Mini/Tiny6410! Of course you need some sort of GPS software. Oh, someone has already written it? Yes! There are several nice Linux based packages out there in Interweb land (more links coming soon). Everything else is the same, with the  GS-87 small coaxial to external connector jumper with panel mount connector, and magnetic rooftop antenna. This unit talks standard NMEA GPS protocol with a UART that can be connected to the TTL COM1/2/3 on a Mini2440 or ARMMite Pro. The GS-87 also has an input for DGPS (differential GPS). Also communicates in the Sirf protocol. This Linux code can handle all the GPS modes and protocols used in our section of the galaxy*. Anyone care to try it and give a report?    Datasheet


* There are about 230 stars within 24 light years of the Earth, the distance GPS signals have traveled since 1989.



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