Books and reference material.

Recommended Books: We have looked at dozens of ARM, ARM9, and embedded books. As you all know, there are too many books that are light on details. These books are all meat and potatoes. No salads.

ARM Systems Developer's Guide by Sloss, Symes, and Wright. Highly recommended amazingly good book. A good section on optimizing C for ARM9 (choosing native data types for example). Also numerical methods, filters, DSP and all in assembly and C and optimized for ARM9 (easily moves to ARM11, Cortex, etc). A real treasure trove. You will want to rewrite all your code! Amazon page is here.

ARM System-on-Chip Architecture by Steve Furber. An all around solid book with no wasted space. A lot on cache performance, instruction set, OS support and all that. A good discussion of cache locking for peak performance. The author picks up ARM9 when they are at 200 MHz and there is little newer material - no ARM11/Cortex. But we are talking ARM9 here, right? Furber was one of the original designers of the BBC computer and the ARM processor. He received the 2010 Millenium Technology Prize under the name Stephen Furber. Amazon page is here.

Microsoft Windows Embedded CE6.0 by Samuel Phung. Strugling with CE6 and Platform Builder or Visual Studio? Tired of all those books that don't have the information you need? The is the "Ah-ha!" book. CE6 programmers say this book has saved them weeks or months or entire projects. It is the real deal, like most Wrox books. Amazon page is here.

Building Embedded LINUX Systems by Yaghmour, Masters, Ben-Yosseff, and Gerun. This is the best we have seen in Linux books that walk the line between useless overview on one side and unintelligible techno-babel on the other. Lots of details of the useful type. If you are bringing up a system or building a Linux for the first time, this is for you. The chapters are ordered in the steps you are likely to encounter. Amazon page is here.

Note: We are looking for consultants and contractors Worldwide, and locally in the greater Seattle area (or Vancouver BC to Portland, OR) to meet the needs of our OEM's both in production and in the start-up phase of product design. Primary need is experience with embedded Linux and preferably our ARM9 and ARM11, and A8 Cortex systems. Specific experience is needed in all of these areas:

  • Telecommunications

  • Cellular systems and RF MODEMS

  • Host systems to display information from the remote ARM controllers, HTML5 jQuery, etc.

  • Browser based data display - see above.

  • General purpose I/O and modifying or creating drivers for custom applications

  • SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, GPIO, SDIO

  • GUI for resistive touch screen LCDs of 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 7, 8, and 10.5 inches + VGA adapters

  • Use of touch screen or buttons (like a lot of ATMs)

  • Experience with navigation and GPS

  • Wifi, and custom RF in the 915 MHz band

  • We also have users who need WinCE6.0r3 development

Please contact us at

Consultants: Here we list Mini2451/Mini2440/Mini6410/Mini210 users who have shown ability to do rapid development and are willing to offer their services.

Stefan Voit

W:    Email:  Tel: +43 (0) 660 5 49 87 49

Professional Experience as a Developer

2003-2005 First Projects in web-service area as freelancer.

2005-2006 Programmed several PHP based intranet services for German companies.

2005-2007 Some small microcontroller based projects on the 8051 and other 8 bit AVR uCs.

2007 Started to develop applications for desktop machines using Qt.

2007-2008 Developed several applications for Embedded devices and Microcontrollers.

2008 Started to develop applications for embedded Linux based on Qt.

2008 First contact with that mini2440 board

2008-2011 Product Development Manager at EcoData (Germany) which is working in the area of embedded networking and home automation.

We also used the mini2440 for some of our projects in that company.

2011 Started a Qt-Based Multimedia Home automation project to present, browse and play media content on Remote Controls and TVs. (eventually going open source soon)


  • Very advanced knowledge in C++ using Qt Framework and STD
  • Excellent knowledge in C++/Qt based threading and IPC.
  • Good knowledge in C for embedded devices (also Object Oriented C)
  • Very good knowledge in embedded networking and device communication.
  • Excellent knowledge in communication technologies and web services.
  • Very advanced knowledge in PHP and basic knowledge in server side Java (Servlets)
  • Very good knowledge in Linux based servers and Service configuration.
  • Basic knowledge in Embedded Linux kernels and device drivers.
  • Basic knowledge in C based Threading, concurrency and real time Programming
  • Good knowledge in embedded database engines, data preservation and storage technologies.

Doug Abbott

Doug Abbott is the author of the Embedded Linux Learning Kit (E.L.L.K.) which uses the Mini2440+3.5" LCD as well as the Linux books "Linux for Embedded and Real-time Applications" and "Embedded Linux Development using Eclipse" available on Amazon and in all quality book stores.

He is available for Mini/Micro2440 and general embedded Linux consulting work through his website,

Walt White

Walt White is an embedded systems engineer and software developer with a background in R&D and new product development.  Areas of expertise include control systems, digital signal processing, sensors, data acquisition and storage, networking, and custom test equipment.   Walt is the owner and lead consultant for Innovonix LLC and can be reached at:   

Innovonix LLC
3960 Prospect Ave Suite L
Yorba Linda CA, 92886
(949) 300-4670

Steve the RF Guy

With over 20 years of embedded and desktop development experience, Steve The RF Guy™ Consulting is your one-stop-shop for product development.  My areas of expertise include embedded Linux, .NET Micro Framework, RF & Wireless, and desktop/web application development using the Microsoft .NET stack as well as various open source technology stacks.

I specialize in cloud-computing solutions with embedded components, including battery power and wireless communications.  For more information about my capabilities, experience, and expertise, please visit my website.  I regularly contribute to my blog with technical and tutorial-style articles relevant to modern embedded system development, with emphasis on embedded Linux.

Wingston Sharon

A Programmer turned Entrepreneur turned Consultant, Wingston Sharon specializes in providing quality educational training programs and innovative technical solutions for start-ups and scientific institutions through his firm Workshop India. The consultancy design services his company provides in the embedded sector are as follows:

* Complete Embedded Product Design / Development of Applications using 8bit AVR or 32bit ARM architectures.
* Wireless applications with Bluetooth, Wifi or RF.
* Interfacing large number of Embedded Devices via a network to a control server for remote monitoring and control.
* Designing stand alone Embedded Linux based tablet devices for a specific application with on board GUI and internet support via wifi or 3G.
* Intelligent Autonomous Bots for autonomous navigation / remote operation.

Operational Bases: Coimbatore, Vellore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi - India
Wingston has made some recent changes. Get his full CV docx here.

Middleton Management Services
320 West 25th Street Suite #350
Cheyenne, WY 82001


Contract developers for embedded development, advanced hardware and software systems, specializing in Android and Windows CE. Experienced in developing custom solutions for the Mini2440 (Windows CE 6.0) and Mini6410 (Android 2.3). 35 years combined development experience.

Lead Developer: Frank Janowski

Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering degrees - Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
Graduate Studies in Computer Engineering and Network Security - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

Professional experience includes over 20 years in the field of software and hardware engineering and design including information technologies management, full life cycle development and systems integration. Proficient in a variety of development languages, design methodologies, operating systems and communications-networking technologies. Advanced knowledge of low-to-high level systems integration and development from processor and board level automation to web-based controls and high availability software components, web services and internet server based data logging.

Past Achievements and clients:

Microchip Technologies - ongoing engineering consulting for a variety of clients and industries on all PIC platform micro-controller lines

Hybrid Technologies - system design of lithium power management sub-system that was awarded notable mention for X Prize foundation pure electric vehicle program

Michelin Americas Research Company - pioneer advanced chip-in-tire technology including RFID, power harvesting, data logging and dynamic networks

Innovative Control Systems - development of next generation industrial control systems for car wash tunnel control, point-of-sale, quick lube, convenience store and gas pump control interface

Sovereign Bank - network control center operations and automation consulting and project management providing web service development and heterogeneous network integration with remote monitoring and routing

Hanover Insurance Systems - early development of object oriented systems methodologies as applied to large scale automation providing nationwide branch automation services

Bellcore/ATT Labs - industrial automation and emerging digital speech synthesis and analysis

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