The Micro2440 is the "Stamp" module for the Samsung S3C2440A 405 MHz ARM9 System On Chip. The small PCB contains the processor, 64 MBytes of SDRAM, NAND and Nor Flash, and all the I/O broken out to 2mm pin headers. The standard Micro2440 has 128 MBytes of NAND. There are options for 256 MBytes and 1024 MBytes and LCD displays.The LCDs have about a 12 inch cable folded underneath for remote mounting. Custom cables are available.

Micro2440-SDK  For development, there is the Micro2440-SDK which provides power regulation, connectors or I/O and any needed hardware like the Ethernet adapter. This has all the features of the MIni2440 + a USB hub that allows the 4 USB host sockets. The SDK includes what you see here, plus the power supply, Ethernet crossover, serial, and USB cables with DVD. Please see the Micro2440-SDK page for details.  $97.95

For the Accesory kit please visit  www.andahammer/ac244/ 



The Micro2440-OEM is just the stamp, like pictured here. There is a JTAG connector on top and a jumper to select NAND/NOR in systems with no switch. If the jumper is missing, boot is from NAND.  RoHS.   $59.95 Single Piece.

For the Accesory kit please visit  www.andahammer/ac244/ 



Micro2440-SDK35 is the Micro2440-SDK with a 3.5" LCD. 240x320 with integrated touch panel. There are mounting holes on the SDK circuit board for the LCD and it ships mounted with brass standoffs.  $119.95

For the Accesory kit please visit  www.andahammer/ac244/ 



Micro2440-SDK43   The Micro2440-SDK43 has a 4.3" LCD.

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Micro2440-SDK70   The Micro2440-SDK70 has an Innolux 800x480 7" LCD. The 7" LCD exactly fits the size of the SDK board. It makes a very nice package.  $185.95

For the Accesory kit please visit  www.andahammer/ac244/ 



Micro2440-SDKVGA  The Micro2440-SDK can mount the VGA adapter in place of a display.  $139.95

For the Accesory kit please visit  www.andahammer/ac244/