Personal Hot Air Rework! This is the hottest thing since, well, its a soldering iron so it is really hot! The Antex Gascat 75p is a very well built butane soldering iron with auto-ignition and no open flame. But if that was all, we wouldn't have it here. No, there is a "tip" that is a hot air soldering tip for surface mount rework or prototyping. And yes, it really works! We will post some video in a few days. The Gascat fills from a standard Ronson type butane can and runs for an hour or two depending on gas setting. The kit includes four tips. The hot air tip we like so much, a soldering tip, and a plastic cutting tip (!). These each have a wad of catalytic wool in the tip and no flame. There is also a short "torch" tip with no wool. All this is in a nice case with a sponge holder and stand and one of those curly steel attachments for heat shrink tubing. With no electrical cord, it might take some getting used to in that it gets hot and has to cool like any other iron. Be careful, it is easy to forget! The shorter black cylinder in the photo is a cap that fits securely and is great for use in a small tool pouch. The gas on/off secures with a firm "snap" to avoid accidental leaks.

The Gascat is lightweight and the gas on/off switch near the front along with the yellow spark switch form a barrier to keep the fingers from sliding forward. Great for anyone who doesn't need a full benchtop hot air rework station. Besides, you can throw it in your tool case for field work. You know, when that wire comes loose on your robot or rocket. Or you need to cut yourself out of a plastic bubble. Very handy and instant heat -- but not instant cool! Antex Gascat 75p butane iron. Made in England.

each $69.95