You need this! Secure barrel jack PSU.  This a great solid German made power supply. 5.2V at 2.4A with 2 meter cable. The 5.2V allows some IR drop in the 2 meter cable and the extra 400 mA is great for your projects that need a bit more than the 2A max from the standard power supplies.  Full CE certification. The barrel is 5.5mm

The plug has a threaded nut to secure it to threaded barrel jacks like the one included. Tired of a plug accidentally pulling free in the middle of an experiment or a demo? Need a wall type PSU that is secure in a commercial or education environmen? This is the one!

The threaded jack is a panel mount type and includes the nut and washer. There are three terminals. The plog center post and the barrel are insulated and a third solder tab is for the panel ground.

Here it is in a breadboard panel. And below is the PSU connected securely.

And the terminal side.

Also included is an adapter for the Mini2440 sized PSU jack.

Three terminals. Center post, barrel contact, and barrel present/alternate barrel contact.


each $11.95