The Embedded Linux Learning Kit Version II from Intellimetrix.  

Do you know some Linux and need to get up to speed on embedded development? Have you been Googling till your fingers bleed and reading blogs till your eyes glaze over? Doug Abbott* has distilled down the essentials of embedded development using Linux and ARM; even step by step setup of an Eclipse environment. This is what you have been looking for. Abbott is an experienced author and teacher of embedded design in the Univ. of California system.

See the Mini35ELLK page for full description and user blog.

The Embedded Linux Learning Kit teaches embedded Linux in a practical, self-paced, hands-on environment, taking you step-by-step through the process of building and testing real embedded applications on real hardware. Note: You will need a Linux PC environment. You can use a virtual system like the free VMWare Player and install Fedora or other distro in a virtual environment on a Windows PC. XPpro works well with VMWare. 

The E.L.L.K. is available stand-alone to be used with your Mini2440 or Micro2440 system, or as a full kit of software and hardware. The E.L.L.K. uses u-boot and a kernel that is set up to boot the file system over NFS (Network File System) from your PC using Ethernet. (This will NOT work with the S3C6410! A new version is being developed for Mini/Tiny6410).

E.L.L.K. II to be used with your Mini/Micro2440 hardware.   $99

This includes the CD, book, and directions for installing on your hardware. Requires supervivi boot loader in NOR Flash on your hardware.