Once you have an ARMmite Pro Eval kit, you can use as many of these as you need at $29 each. The ARMmite Pro is Arduino compatible 60 MHz ARM7 32 bit processing at its simplest. Use the BASIC that supports the I/O or the pre-configured C compiler.

Less than a half ounce and powered by just about anything, including the serial connection.


Featuring 21 TTL compatible digital I/Os shared with 7 10-bit A/D pins and an easy-to-use USB interface, you can be up and running in no time. Pin compatible with the Arduino PRO. The BASIC compiler is easy to learn. Or now use the pre-configured C compiler.

Unleash the power of a 32 bit processor, running at 60 MHz to solve your control problem. Save time with built in support for PWM, SPI, 1-Wire, I2C, Pulse timing, Synchronous and Asynchronous serial protocols.


* Simply ConnectedTM Technology
* ARM7 CPU running at 60 Mhz
* Programmed via USB interface
* BASIC compiler runs >10 million lines of code/sec
* 32K Flash memory with 20K available for user code
* 8K SRAM memory with space for over 1000 user variables
* or use the C compiler to access all 32K Flash and 8K RAM
* 21 TTL compatible digital I/O
* 7 10-bit A/D converter channels
* Onboard regulated power supply runs off 5-12V DC input
* internal supplies of 5V, 3.3V and 1.8V

Digital Inputs and Outputs

* 21 pins programmable for input or output
* >1 million IO operations/sec
* SPI support builtin with 800 Kb transfer rate
* I2C support with 380 Kb transfer rate
* SHIFT routines for Sync serial busses at 1.2 Mb rate
* 1-Wire support
* Async SERIAL builtin support upto 115.2 Kb
* Pulse timing and generation with 1 uSec resolution
* PWM with 8bit resolution
* Frequency synthesis to 50 kHz
* TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold
* IOs 5V tolerant

Mechanical Specifications
Board Size 2.05 x 2.1 inches;
Operating Temperature -40º to 85ºC
Electrical Specifications
Input Power ARMmite: 6-12 VDC
Output Power 5V 400mA
Power Consumption 250 mW
Processor ARM7 @ 60 MHz - LPC2103
Digital I/O 24 TTL compatible, 2.4V threshold, 5V tolerant
Analog Inputs 7 pins shared for 10-bit 3.3V A/D channels
each $29.00