The Mini6410 ARM11 is a complete hardware solution with the Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S core clocked at 533MHz (max 667Mhz). The full range of peripherals is provided on the 11x11 cm PCB. The Mini6410 has a vector processing unit (VPU) that can be used for graphics 2D and 3D acceleration and also used for hardware floating point in general applications.

Need to make an SD card for programming?

Mini6410 is the Mini6410 with 256 MBytes of RAM and 1 GByte of NAND. No accessories. 

Mini6410 with 256MB RAM and 1GByte NAND $138.95



Mini6410-SDK43 is a Mini6410-SDK plus a 4.3" LCD that mounts to the board with brass standoffs. The LCD is 480x272 with integrated touch panel.




Mini6410-35 is a Mini6410-SDK with a 3.5" LCD 240x320 with integrated touch panel.

please see for options and pricing.


Mini6410-A70 is a Mini6410-SDK with 7" 800x480 LCD with touch panel.  Mini6410 with 256MB RAM and 1GByte NAND $210.95  



EZVGA for Mini6410 and Tiny6410  $18.95

VGA Adapter includes FFC and connector. Cable attaches just like the LCD.


Cable Kit for Mini6410


The Tiny6410-OEM is a "stamp" module containing the S3C6410 and Ram and Flash memory. The hardware SDK board contains a USB hub and 3 USB sockets and additional RS232 converters for 3 DB9 connectors. See the SDK pages for details. Standard memory configuration is 256 MBytes of RAM and 2 GBytes of NAND Flash.  533 MHz processor clock. Please see the pictures at the bottom of page for the current version of Tiny6410-SDK and one with Cable Kit components attached. There are now 3 DB9 and 3 USB Host to make room for the SDWifi and SCON headers and mounting holes.

Download Tiny6410 Hardware Spec.

Tiny6410-SDK70 Developer's System for Tiny6410 with Innolux 7" 800x480 LCD and replaceable touch pad. 256M RAM  2G NAND  $195.95


Tiny6410-SDK43 Developer's Kit with Sharp 480x282 touch screen LCD.  256M RAM  2G NAND  $110.95



Tiny6410-SDK     Developer's System for Tiny6410


Tiny6410-OEM     S3C6410 "Stamp" module with RAM and NAND.  256M RAM, 2G NAND  $69.95