The Mini2440 405 MHz ARM9 Family has several members. The Mini2440 is a 10x10cm PCB with the Samsung S3C2440A SOC (System On Chip) with two kinds of Flash, NAND and NOR, 64 MBytes of RAM, and all the peripheral I/O. Please see the Mini2440-SDK page for details.

There are versions with 3.5, 4.3, 5.0, and 7" LCDs, and a VGA adapter for 1024x768. Basic systems have 128 MBytes of NAND Flash. This is enough for 95 percent of applications. There is a NAND option for 1024 MByte (1GByte) and this is becoming more popular. Up to 32 GBytes of Flash can fit the SD Card socket. We use a simple (?) naming scheme.

Mini2440 is the PCB with processor.

Mini35 is the Mini2440 + 3.5" LCD. The LCD module is the same width as the Mini2440 and easily mounts on the board.

Mini70 is the Mini2440 + 7" LCD

SDK is the System Developer's Kit of serial, USB, and Ethernet cables and a power supply and DVD. The NAND option is not a separate item. It designates which version of the Mini2440 to ship.

OEM is a Mini2440 variant with no SDK. OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer, and these boards are usually bought for use in an embedded product. You can save weight and money if you combine SDK and OEM versions. For example, if you need to make 10 devices and have two people doing development you could get 2 SDK and 8 OEM, provided you will not need the PSU and cables in the final product. Note that we do not recommend the SDK PSU for commercial use. It is a simple supply suitable for the lab and development. For better fusing and full certificatons, see the German PSU under the Accessories listings.

Mini35 E.L.L.K. II Embedded Linux Learning Kit, second edition. A condensation of the stuff you really need to know how to do, and how to do it! Created by author and teacher Doug Abbott. A Mini35 system with DVD and book. It isn't very big, as computer books go (ever have to cut a programming book into three sections so you could hold it while reading?) and it won't drive you crazy trying to find the important parts. This IS the important parts. You will need a Linux system on a PC.  Mini35 E.L.L.K. II  $219.95


Mini2440-SDK is a developer's kit and includes everything you see here. The OEM version is the PCB hardware alone. Mini2440-OEMs are used by anyone who needs more than one board and does not need development tools for each. Some people get one. Others get 1000 a month. The OEM version saves a great deal on shipping weight and bulk.  Mini2440-SDK $99.95

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Mini35 is a Mini2440 with a 3.5" LCD. The display is 240x320 with an integrated touch pad. This is a very nice high contrast LCD that can mount to the Mini2440. It is shipped mounted on brass standoffs. Mini35  $119.95

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Mini70 is a Mini2440 with a 7" Innolux LCD. The display is 800x480 and the touch pad is replaceable (see the 'Spares' section).  Mini70 $194.95

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The MiniVGA is a Mini2440 with a VGA adapter PCB that mounts like the LCD. 

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The Micro2440 is like "Stamp" module for the Samsung S3C2440A 405 MHz ARM9 system On CHip. The small PCB contains the processor, 64 MBytes of SDRAM, NAND and Nor Flash, and all the I/O broken out to 2mm pin headers. The standard Micro2440 has 128 MBytes of NAND. There are options for 256 MBytes and 1024 MBytes and LCD displays.The LCDs have about a 12 inch cable folded underneath for remote mounting. Custom cables are available.

Micro2440-SDK  For development, there is the Micro2440-SDK which provides power regulation, connectors or I/O and any needed hardware like the Ethernet adapter. This has all the features of the Mini2440 + a USB hub that allows the 4 USB host sockets. The SDK includes what you see here, plus the power supply, Ethernet cross-over, serial, USB, and JTAG adapter cables with DVD. Please see the Micro2440-SDK page for details.  $94.95



The Micro2440-OEM is just the stamp, like pictured here. There is a JTAG connector on top and a jumper to select NAND/NOR in systems with no switch. If the jumper is missing, boot is from NAND.  RoHS.   $65.00 Single Piece.



Micro2440-SDK35 is the Micro2440-SDK with a 3.5" LCD. 240x320 with integrated touch panel. There are mounting holes on the SDK circuit board for the LCD and it ships mounted with brass standoffs.  $139.95



Micro2440-SDK43   The Micro2440-SDK43 has a 4.3" LCD.

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Micro2440-SDK70   The Micro2440-SDK70 has an Innolux 800x480 7" LCD. The 7" LCD exactly fits the size of the SDK board. It makes a very nice package.  $195.89