Chameleon 135 Enclosure for Mini35's.   

Only have blank boxes left with no cutout. Contact for special pricing. Do not have back plates. Have blank end plates and some end plates cutout for the 2440 left.


S70 7" 800x480 OEM/DIY LCD. Unprecedented low cost. 265x100mm outside dimensions.


USB Octopus Hub. USB 2.0 and powered by the host. Give your Mini/Micro/Tiny 4 USB ports.


WiFi Yagi Antenna with 16 dBi gain, coaxial cable and mounting hardware. 2400MHz.  $18.95


3G / Cellular Yagi Antenna with 16dBi gain, coaxial cable, and mounting hardware. 1910-2170MHz.  $20.95


Nano Wifi EDUP Nano USB wifi adapter. Smallest in the land?


GPRS MODEM   Industrial Housing  900/1800MHz Europe, Asia, and tri-band/quad-band countries.  $74.95


O-Link USB Debugger - The alternative to JTAG and a lot faster.  $54.95


Mini6410 Cable Kit of all the cables and connectors for the Mini6410 embedded I/O.  $17.49


Mini2440 Cable Kit of all the cables and connectors for the Mini2440 embedded I/O.   $12.49



Mini RS232  Adapter for TTL COM ports of Mini2440 and Micro2440 to DB9 (Not for Mini6410).   $9.95


Universal RS232 This adapter works with the TTL COM ports or Mini244, Micro2440-SDK, and Mini6410. Includes cables. $14.25

CAM130 CMOS Camera for Mini2440, Micro2440, Mini6410. Plugs directly onto 20 pin header.   $18.95


USB Wifi Functionally the same as many wifi modules, but separated into three pieces to fit into constrained spaces.  $44.95



SDWiFi for Mini6410 Micro6410 $31.95


USB to Ethernet Converter.   $9.95


Power Supply. 5.2V 2.4A. Made in Germany. $9.95


"Snap-top" parts containers. We call them "Click Boxes". Cube. Click together 10 by 8 block $19.95


"Snap-top" parts containers, small. "Click Boxes" also click together. 2 by 8 block. Small. $7.95


"Snap-top" parts container, medium.  11.95


"Snap-top" storage boxes, large.  $9.95


Solderless bread board, small 170 point.  $3.95


Solderless bread board, clear, 330 points + 100 power points.  $5.95


Solderless bread board, 630 points + 200 power points.  $9.95


SBBX-4135 Pro'sKit round Hole Solderless Breadboard $10.95



USB to RS232 Converter.   $9.95


Jumper wires for solderless bread boards. Approx 150 pieces.  $8.95


 JTAG Adapter $6.95