Accessories & Spares for Experimenters & OEM suppliers

PSU-ONECOM Power Supply Module/TTL2RS232 Interface


ComCable-C3:  3 Wire COM Cable with Thru-hoe Header $0.50

ComCable-C4: 4 Wire COM Cable with Thru-hole Header.  $1.00


ComCable-C6: 6-Wire ComCable

ComCable-C8: 8-Wire ComCable

ComCable-P: 4-Wire Power Cable

GPIO: 30 Conductor GPIO Cable $2.25

GPIOMini2440: 34 conductor GPIO Cable $2.25

Header 34: Header 34 for Mini2440 GPIO Cable. $0.50

CAMCable:  CAM Cable (20 pin)

USB Octopus Hub. USB 2.0 and powered by the host. Give your Mini/Micro/Tiny 4 USB ports.


WiFi Yagi Antenna with 16 dBi gain, coaxial cable and mounting hardware. 2400MHz.  $20.00


3G / Cellular Yagi Antenna with 16dBi gain, coaxial cable, and mounting hardware. 1910-2170MHz.  $20.00


Nano Wifi EDUP Nano USB wifi adapter. Smallest in the land?


GPRS MODEM   Industrial Housing  900/1800MHz Europe, Asia, and tri-band/quad-band countries.  $74.95


O-Link USB Debugger - The alternative to JTAG and a lot faster.  $54.95


Mini6410 Cable Kit of all the cables and connectors for the Mini6410 embedded I/O.  $15.00


Mini2440 Cable Kit of all the cables and connectors for the Mini2440 embedded I/O.   $12.00



Mini RS232  Adapter for TTL COM ports of Mini2440 and Micro2440 to DB9 (Not for Mini6410).   $9.95


Universal RS232 This adapter works with the TTL COM ports or Mini244, Micro2440-SDK, and Mini6410. Includes cables. $10.95

CAM130 CMOS Camera for Mini2440, Micro2440, Mini6410. Plugs directly onto 20 pin header.   $15.95


SDWiFi for Mini6410 Micro6410 $31.95


USB to Ethernet Converter.   $9.95


Power Supply. 5.2V 2.4A. Made in Germany. $9.95


"Snap-top" parts containers. We call them "Click Boxes". Cube. Click together 10 by 8 block $15.00


"Snap-top" parts containers, small. "Click Boxes" also click together. 2 by 8 block. Small. $6.00


"Snap-top" parts container, medium.  $11.00


"Snap-top" storage boxes, large.  $12.00


Solderless bread board, small 170 point.  $3.95


Solderless bread board, clear, 330 points + 100 power points.  $5.95


Solderless bread board, 630 points + 200 power points.  $9.95


SBBX-4135 Pro'sKit round Hole Solderless Breadboard $10.95



USB to RS232 Converter.   $9.95


Jumper wires for solderless bread boards. Approx 150 pieces.  $8.00


 JTAG Adapter $5.95


Micro2440 Headers: A set of three 2mm headers needed to mount the Micro2440.  $2.50